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Philosophica Reflecta 

unanswered questions of philosophy

Where was God before creating Universe

Before going to the basic question of where was God let us go to the notion on which we decide about things like God Prophet knowledge etc.-Is reality possible?



TO KNOW REALITY-if it exists-we must know the source from which we seek to know reality. If we inquire into the source we come to the great teachers of time-who spoke or wrote about reality. From Socrates to Sir William James-we see it is only men of time from whom we gain the knowledge of reality-whatever its truth or as truth understood and experienced by them.

Another thing is the standard of reality against which to judge other realities or reality if it has a standard, can not be known in toto if the whole standard is not known or possessed or rather experienced by the standard in toto. Otherwise reality in toto and in detail can not be known. Such a standard can only be a man because if anything is outside his grasp that can not be know or is as good as a fancy.

Another source if we analyze are the teachers of revelation or Prophets of time with their scriptures or teachings-as taught or revealed unto them and as understood by them. Again we come to man as the standard.

We seek nature as it is or as men of note understand it as another source

So man is the centre stage of all reality, and all the sources and standards of knowledge.