Arouse creativity and genius in you (Activity for Whole life time)

Creativity is to introduce novel ideas, think new solutions to the problem,redefine old problem in new light and opportunities.

Is it a faculty of mind to be activated?

Artists writers and all genius say that there are times when ideas tumble forth and hit our brain ready made ,writers say whole pages come to them ready made and they have just to write. There are specific times like late in the evening , early in the morning when you are doing nothing or during day when you are sitting alone or even in a party.

You basically have some passion or Goal or Problem. You study it, collect all information about it , analyze it, think again and again about it with more information.Once in subconcious you always expect answers to your passion , goal or problem without thinking too much at times . There is it ideas start to un fold from your subconcious.Not much is known about this wonder ful faculty .But one thing is sure our subconcious is overstaffed with images rhoughts ideas.But such creative ideas hit our mind when we are free ,late at night , early in morning or in a relaxed party.We never know when subconcious works on the problem we think about the passion, talk about it and then let it go but expecting new ideas .That is how it works

Alpa rythm

As you rise in morning take some time to brood without thought, or late at night do not sleep just sit and brood for some time.While working on your project or passion at other times.The new original ideas will start coming.That is your genius you have activated the genius within you,Now it will never fail you .It will be with you for ever .

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