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Where Einstein and Maxwell meet Quantum and Max Born

We have one Einstein E= 1hv=nh/t


Let us view the meaning of planks constant for v=1. v=2. v=3. v=4

We see for unit frequency with different energies, the geometry of h is not same.To get the same value of h the number of waves travelling in each h must change

H=Et/1, H=Et/2, H=Et/3, H=Et/4

For h to remain constant in changing geometry with energy change ,the number of waves travelling must be same as that of frequency

Particle in the wave

Now if a species of particle travels wit wave

Amplitude and wavelength of particle=Amplitude and wavelength  of wave

How is it possible that their speeds differ .their time differs or n per unit time differs.

Although the no of waves travelling in a frequency may change, but for a particular frequency h remains same both for particle as well as wave. With c=vƛ , or ƛn/t , either t is different or n is different.