Is God personal or impersonal?

Something as a person

When we say something is a person we mean in tacit that –it can see, hear, talk, think, act, has power.

I being the centre stage of reality or design of reality-it is fallacy to think that the reality or standard as toto can not see , hear, act , have power, knowledge and act as a whole and independent of me. As I as a person am not only the physical form but all my attributes at will, So is the reality out there but the form of the organs which do these activities may differ.

So if there is an entity which has all such attributes which I as a person posses, but form of the organs and plan of doing differs-we can say the entity is a person.Ahead we see that this personality and the potentiality called man unify and  the form which was perfect in Knowledge of God is even now the same.