The Big me

Where Success is guaranteed.

Close your eyes for 30minutes

Think old you is dead and your self is gone

Imagine the person you want to be i.e. your aim.

Cloth like him ,move like him

Think why you want to be such ?

Think yourself doing and achieving the results.

Move in your family ,friends with your new image in mind.

Believe I have got my aim

Do the activity daily for 30minutes

To Action

Cloth as your goal demands and meet one person in month who has succeeded in the same area.

Ask him questions

How he achieved the success.

What was his plan and activities before success

What does he think is most important?

Make every arrangement like knowledge needed,audios,chronicles available.

Read about great achievers in same field

Get possessed by your goal ,feel like you are among one.


Ignore people around who laugh at you ,make remarks.

Because you know where you are heading they do not.Respect their ignorance by ignoring them

Success Demands

Respect for others

Belief in others capabilities….they are capable like me.

Image ..supreme kind is mankind .

Compassion with belief fake behavior

Alertness…present  , mindedness , being calm and available,

Be alive in tone and posture.

Attention….listen and talk about the interests of your peers and team

Acceptance…. Accept people as they are ,let them voice their ideas

Frankness  be direct without going round about

                  Don’t show off