Glass of Milk

show me how?

WORK 1 TO 2 HOURS PER DAY FOR 4 MONTHS.YOU MAKE ONLY 17 REFERALS. you get $21/ referal. Now you do not work but your refrals make their own 15 referals each .You get $ 1.5 for each of their referals . They stop work and their referals work. You again get $ 1.5 for referals they make


Your own course skill purchase is not counted as your referal.The PLAN 1 is for those who sell courses costing $342 and make one time payment . Thw second PLAN is for those who sell courses costing  $4000.

Why should my referals work for me?

1. They earn the same.

2.their earninghs grow in same way.

3.They earn their course fee back.

4.They learn a world renowned skill with a certificate provided by worlds top and respected every where.

5.They can earn any degree through their own earnings.

7.Their work will not effect their studies or leisure as they work for 120 days one hour daily and have to make only 17 successes.

8.Every body invests only $340 and gets all the benifits.

Where from do you pay us?

We advertise courses of worlds top brands .They pay us one time commisssion and we pay you in a way to maximize your earnings life time.The brands can be checked online by any one for trust and reliability.

How should I refer?

You have to motivate to take a course by clicking on the link provided on

that is the site you are reading now.Email your referer and Voucher No. of the payment made for the course.

We will be continuously emailing you your list of referals and earnings.

How do I get Paid ?

You Get paid / referal by the payment method you like . 

We Advertise and sell Skills , Projects and courses Which can be taken at ease of campus , home or where ever you are.

The World tested Brands are advertised here

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